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Raja Rani Coaching Shark Tank India S3 Full Pitch Details

Full detailed information about Raja Rani Coaching pitch in Shark Tank India Season 3. Know more about the business, founders, pitch, deals and hidden facts.
Raja Rani Coaching Shark Tank India

Raja Rani Coaching: Sewing a Brighter Future for India, Stitch by Stitch

Forget the “Kukur Muta” (dog pee!) stigma – Raja Rani Coaching is revolutionizing the way India thinks about mushrooms. This dynamic duo, Priya and Mohit, isn’t just teaching people to grow gourmet varieties at home, they’re empowering aspiring tailors and beauty professionals with the skills and knowledge to thrive.

Imagine learning the secrets of flawless stitching from the comfort of your living room. Or, unlocking the lucrative world of boutique management. Raja Rani Coaching makes it possible through their innovative hybrid learning platform, combining online courses with live workshops and expert guidance.

But their vision extends beyond individual success. They’re on a mission to professionalize India’s unorganized tailoring industry, one stitch at a time. By providing high-quality training and fostering a community of passionate learners, they’re ensuring that “good tailors are identified by their finishing” becomes a reality for everyone.

Their journey hasn’t been without challenges. Skepticism from investors and the need to change deeply ingrained perceptions are just some hurdles they’ve faced. But their passion, dedication, and innovative approach have caught the eye of some influential Sharks.

Will they secure the investment needed to scale their impact and empower a new generation of fashion and beauty entrepreneurs? Stay tuned as we delve into the inspiring story of Raja Rani Coaching, their unique offerings, and their quest to stitch a brighter future for India.

About The Company – Raja Rani Coaching

Startup / Company NameRaja Rani
IndustryTailoring and Manufacturing Industry
FounderMohit Gadhiya & Priya Gadhiya
Product / ServiceTailoring Academy
Revenue78 Lakhs (22-23)

About The Pitcher

Number of PresentersTwo presenters
Name of PresentersMohit Gadhiya & Priya Gadhiya
Pitchers CitySurat
Pitchers StateGujarat

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Raja Rani Coaching Pitch Details

Shark Tank EpisodeEpisode 14
Original Ask Amount₹ 1.3 crore
Original Ask Equity5% Equity
Original Valuation 26 Crores
Offer Received1)50 Lakhs For 10% Equity + 80 Lakhs debt at 15% Interest (Anupam)
2)50 Lakhs For 10% Equity + 80 Lakhs debt at 15% Interest (Amit)
Final Deal AmountNA
Total Deal EquityNA
Sharks in DealNA

Solutions Offered

Raja Rani Coaching goes beyond just teaching sewing; they offer a holistic solution for aspiring tailors, beauty professionals, and even those seeking a creative hobby. Here’s a breakdown of their solutions:

1. Skill Development:

  • Tailoring Courses: Learn everything from basic stitching to advanced garment construction with their comprehensive courses, covering various styles and techniques.
  • Beauty Management Course: This new offering equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to open and manage their own beauty salons.
  • Future Expansion: Raja Rani plans to add courses in fashion photography and illustration, catering to a wider range of creative interests.

2. Flexible Learning:

  • Hybrid Platform: Combine the convenience of online learning with the personalized guidance of live workshops. Access lessons anytime, anywhere, and benefit from interactive sessions with industry experts.
  • Firmware Kits: Learn the art of flawless finishing with their specially designed firmware kits, crafted by Priya herself.

3. Community Building:

  • Online Community: Connect with fellow learners, share experiences, and get expert advice through their vibrant online community.
  • Support System: Access dedicated support from instructors and mentors throughout your learning journey.

4. Business Enablement:

  • Boutique Management Guidance: Learn the tricks of the trade to successfully run your own fashion boutique.
  • Empowering Entrepreneurs: Raja Rani aims to equip individuals with the skills and confidence to launch their own businesses in the tailoring and beauty industry.

5. Accessibility and Affordability:

  • Varied Pricing Options: Choose from a range of courses and workshops to suit your budget and learning goals.
  • High-Quality Content: Get access to professionally produced video lessons and comprehensive learning materials.

Overall, Raja Rani Coaching offers a unique blend of skill development, flexible learning, community support, and business enablement solutions. Their goal is to empower individuals to unlock their creative potential, build fulfilling careers, and contribute to the growth of India’s fashion and beauty industry.

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Lesser Known Facts About Raja Rani Coaching

  • Founders: Priya and Mohit, a young couple with a passion for fashion and education.
  • Mission: To revolutionize the tailoring industry in India by providing high-quality training and empowering individuals to start their own businesses.
  • Target Audience: Aspiring tailors, beauty professionals, and anyone with a creative interest in fashion and design.
  • Hybrid learning platform combining online courses with live workshops.
  • Firmware kits for mastering finishing techniques.
  • Courses in tailoring, beauty management, with plans to expand into photography and illustration.
  • Support for launching and managing fashion boutiques.
  • Challenges: Skepticism from investors, changing ingrained perceptions about the tailoring industry.
  • Priya, the co-founder, personally designs and creates the firmware kits.
  • They started with a small business called Raja Rani Couture before launching the coaching institute.
  • Their name, Raja Rani, translates to “King and Queen,” signifying their ambition to empower individuals to become royalty in their chosen fields.


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