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Intense Focus Shark Tank India S3 Full Pitch Details

Full detailed information about Intense Focus pitch in Shark Tank India Season 3. Know more about the business, founders, pitch, deals and hidden facts.
Intense Focus Shark Tank India

Calling all spectacle wearers! Intense Focus is an Indian brand with a focus on you. They understand that finding stylish and comfortable eyeglasses can be a challenge. Intense Focus goes beyond just selling glasses; they design their frames with wearability in mind. Their collections cater to adults and children, offering a variety of styles to suit different tastes.

But wait, there’s more! Intense Focus also manufactures their eyeglasses, ensuring quality control and potentially keeping costs down for the consumer. Stay tuned to learn more about their design philosophy, commitment to quality, and how Intense Focus might be your perfect vision solution!

About The Company – Intense Focus

Startup / Company NameIntense Focus
IndustryEyewear Industry
FounderManish Ashokbhai Chauhan
Product / ServiceEyewear Products
Revenue8.25 Crores (22-23)

About The Pitcher

Number of PresentersOne presenter
Name of PresentersManish Ashokbhai Chauhan
Pitchers CityRajkot
Pitchers StateGujarat

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Intense Focus Pitch Details

Shark Tank EpisodeEpisode 21
Original Ask Amount₹ 5 crore
Original Ask Equity5% Equity
Original Valuation 100 Crores
Offer ReceivedNA
Final Deal AmountNA
Total Deal EquityNA
Sharks in DealNA

Solutions Offered By Business

Intense Focus isn’t just another brand selling eyeglasses. They take a holistic approach, offering solutions that cater to the specific needs of spectacle wearers. Here’s a breakdown of what sets them apart:

  • Design with Comfort in Mind: Intense Focus prioritizes comfort in their designs. They understand the challenges of wearing glasses for extended periods and use lightweight materials with ergonomic shapes to ensure a comfortable fit that minimizes strain.
  • Catering to Different Audiences: Intense Focus offers a wide range of styles for adults and children. This ensures everyone can find frames that suit their taste and age group. From classic silhouettes to trendy styles, they cater to diverse preferences.
  • Quality Control Through Manufacturing: By vertically integrating their business model and manufacturing their own eyeglasses, Intense Focus maintains control over quality. This allows them to ensure their products meet strict standards and potentially offer competitive prices to consumers.
  • Focus on Value: Intense Focus aims to provide stylish and comfortable eyeglasses at a reasonable price point. By potentially cutting out middlemen through in-house manufacturing, they may achieve a better cost structure, ultimately benefiting the customer.

Here’s a potential scenario illustrating how Intense Focus offers solutions:

Imagine a young student struggling with bulky, uncomfortable glasses. They visit an Intense Focus store and discover a lightweight, stylish frame designed for comfort. Not only does it look great, but it also reduces strain throughout the school day.

In essence, Intense Focus goes beyond just selling eyeglasses. They offer:

  • Comfort-focused designs
  • Variety for different age groups
  • Quality control through manufacturing
  • Focus on value for the customer

By combining these elements, Intense Focus strives to provide a complete and satisfying solution for spectacle wearers.

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Lesser Known Facts About Intense Focus

  • Design-Centric Approach: Unlike many eyewear brands, Intense Focus prioritizes design. Manish himself has a design background and plays a crucial role in creating the look and feel of their eyeglasses.
  • From Retail to Manufacturing: The company’s trajectory is interesting. They started in retail, then ventured into wholesale, and now even have their own manufacturing setup, offering greater control over quality and potentially reducing costs.
  • Focus on “Make in India”: Although they collaborate with Chinese factories for some products, Manish is invested in developing their Indian manufacturing capabilities. This aligns with the government’s push for self-reliance.
  • High Gross Margin – Questionable Numbers?: Manish initially claimed a 70-75% gross margin for the industry, later stating his own to be 60%. However, further calculations during the pitch revealed a possible 50% margin, raising questions about the accuracy of the numbers.
  • Inventory Management Challenges: The business relies heavily on distributors who operate on credit cycles. This creates working capital challenges and potentially limits scaling opportunities.
  • Limited Distribution Network: Despite boasting 3000 retail points, the average sales per outlet seem low. This suggests a need for a stronger distribution strategy and improved brand awareness.
  • Founder’s Receptiveness to Feedback: One of the concerns raised by the Sharks was Manish’s receptiveness to feedback on design and business model. Investors might prefer founders who are open to adapting and learning.
  • Future Potential: Despite the concerns, Intense Focus demonstrates a focus on design, comfort, and potentially competitive pricing. If they can address challenges like working capital and refine their structure, they might have a chance to capture a larger market share.


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