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2BallZ Shark Tank India S3 Full Pitch Details

Full detailed information about 2BallZ pitch in Shark Tank India Season 3. Know more about the business, founders, pitch, deals and hidden facts.
2Ballz Shark Tank India

Introducing 2BallZ: Rethinking Men’s Comfort, One Pouch at a Time

Imagine underwear that not only supports your “two halves” but elevates comfort and confidence to a whole new level. That’s the bold promise of 2BallZ, a men’s underwear brand shaking up the industry with its innovative pouch design. Gone are the days of chafing, itching, and uncomfortable adjustments. 2BallZ introduces a unique separation between your manhood and your body, ensuring optimal temperature regulation, reduced friction, and all-day support.

Founded by three college friends – Ankit, Anshuman, and Mohit – 2BallZ is more than just a catchy name. It’s a testament to their mission: to provide men with underwear that truly prioritizes their comfort and well-being. Crafted from luxurious modal fabric, their products are not only breathable and soft, but also antimicrobial, keeping you feeling fresh and confident all day long.

But is it just a gimmick? The Sharks on Shark Tank India weren’t entirely convinced, raising concerns about the brand name, market fit, and competition. Yet, 2BallZ boasts impressive sales growth and positive customer feedback, suggesting they might be onto something.

Join us as we delve deeper into the world of 2BallZ. Explore their unique pouch design, understand the science behind it, and see how they’re tackling the challenges of a crowded market. Can a bold brand name and a disruptive design revolutionize men’s underwear? Stay tuned to find out!

About The Company – 2BallZ

Startup / Company Name2BallZ
IndustryMen’s Inner Wear Brand
FounderAnshuman Tiwari, Ankit Bhanwar & Mohit Jain
Product / ServiceUnderwear Manufacturer

About The Pitcher

Number of PresentersThree presenters
Name of PresentersAnshuman Tiwari, Ankit Bhanwar & Mohit Jain
Pitchers CityIndore
Pitchers StateMadhya Pradesh

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2BallZ Pitch Details

Shark Tank EpisodeEpisode 12
Original Ask Amount₹ 30 Lakhs
Original Ask Equity5% Equity
Original Valuation 6 crores
Offer ReceivedNA
Final Deal AmountNA
Total Deal EquityNA
Sharks in DealNA

Solutions Offered

While the name “2BallZ” might grab attention (for better or worse!), this men’s underwear brand goes beyond a catchy name and offers several innovative solutions to common comfort issues men face. Here’s a breakdown of their key selling points:

Pouch Power: The core of 2BallZ lies in its pouch design. This unique feature separates the male organ and testicles from the body, offering several benefits:

  • Temperature regulation: By creating space, the pouch allows for better air circulation, reducing chafing and sweating.
  • Reduced friction: The separation minimizes skin-to-skin contact, preventing chafing and discomfort, especially during physical activity.
  • Enhanced support: The pouch provides gentle cradling for the testicles, offering a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Improved hygiene: The separation can help reduce moisture buildup and potential odor.

Comfort Beyond the Pouch: Beyond the pouch itself, 2BallZ focuses on overall comfort with these additional features:

  • Modal fabric: This soft and breathable material is naturally antimicrobial, keeping you feeling fresh and dry.
  • Seamless construction: Minimizes chafing and discomfort by eliminating rough seams.
  • Multiple styles: Briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs cater to different preferences and activities.

Addressing Concerns: Some may question the uniqueness of the pouch design. While similar concepts exist, 2BallZ emphasizes its specific design and fabric choices for optimal comfort and hygiene. Additionally, the “gimmicky” brand name might raise eyebrows, but the founders argue it helps with brand recall and reflects their focus on addressing a real issue faced by men.

Ultimately, 2BallZ offers a solution to common underwear discomfort through its innovative pouch design, comfortable materials, and diverse styles. Whether it revolutionizes the market remains to be seen, but they certainly offer a unique and potentially game-changing option for men seeking enhanced comfort and support.

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Lesser Known Facts About 2BallZ

  • The pouch idea: Founded by three college friends, the unique pouch design separates the testicles from the body, aiming to reduce chafing, improve temperature regulation, and offer better support.
  • Beyond the pouch: They use soft, breathable, and antimicrobial modal fabric for increased comfort and hygiene.
  • Shark Tank India: Despite initial skepticism from the Sharks about the brand name and market fit, they achieved impressive sales growth and positive customer feedback.
  • Competition: They acknowledge competition from established brands but believe their unique pouch design and focus on comfort set them apart.
  • Bold name: “2BallZ” is undoubtedly eye-catching (and potentially polarizing), prompting brand recall and sparking conversation.
  • Mission: Focused on providing men with comfortable and supportive underwear, addressing a need often overlooked by mainstream brands.
  • Target audience: Men seeking enhanced comfort and support in their underwear, potentially appealing to athletes or those prone to chafing.
  • Future potential: Whether they can overcome the competitive landscape and stigma associated with the brand name remains to be seen, but they offer a potentially disruptive option in the men’s underwear market.
  • Sales growth: Despite the Shark Tank’s reception, they boast impressive sales growth, suggesting customer demand for their product.
  • Consumer feedback: Positive customer reviews highlight the effectiveness of the pouch design in addressing comfort issues.
  • Evolution: Since the pitch, they’ve expanded their product line and are actively involved in community engagement and brand building.


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