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ReFit Shark Tank India S3 Full Pitch Details

Full detailed information about ReFit pitch in Shark Tank India Season 3. Know more about the business, founders, pitch, deals and hidden facts.
Refit Shark Tank India

Ever dreamt of owning a high-quality smartphone without breaking the bank? ReFit, the innovative startup featured on Shark Tank India, might have the answer! They specialize in refurbishing pre-owned smartphones, offering a sustainable and budget-friendly alternative to buying brand new.

But ReFit isn’t just about selling used phones. They take a meticulous approach, thoroughly testing and refurbishing each device to ensure it functions like new. This not only reduces electronic waste but also makes smartphones more accessible to a wider range of consumers.

Their appearance on Shark Tank India sparked a debate about the refurbished electronics market. Join us as we delve deeper into ReFit’s pitch, explore the pros and cons of refurbished phones, and see if they were able to secure a deal with the Sharks!

About The Company – ReFit

Startup / Company NameReFit
IndustryRefurbishing Industry
FounderSaket Saurav & Avneet Singh
Product / ServiceRefurbished Phones
Revenue187 Crores (22-23)

About The Pitcher

Number of PresentersTwo presenters
Name of PresentersSaket Saurav & Avneet Singh
Pitchers CityDelhi
Pitchers StateDelhi

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ReFit Pitch Details

Shark Tank EpisodeEpisode 22
Original Ask Amount₹ 2 crore
Original Ask Equity0.5% Equity
Original Valuation 400 Crores
Offer Received1)2 Crores for 1% Equity + ₹70 per unit sold as Royalty until ₹4 Crores is Recouped (Amit & Anupam)
2)2 Crores for 1% Equity + 1.5% Royalty until ₹4 Crores is Recouped (Vineeta)
3)2 Crores for 1% Equity + 1% Royalty until ₹3 Crores is Recouped (Amit,Vineeta & Anupam)
Final Deal Amount2 Crores
Total Deal Equity1% Equity
Sharks in DealNA

Solutions Offered By Business

ReFit’s core solution lies in offering high-quality, refurbished smartphones at a lower price point compared to brand new devices. This caters to a growing segment of consumers who are:

  • Budget-conscious: Smartphones can be expensive, and ReFit provides a way to access high-end features without the hefty price tag.
  • Environmentally conscious: By refurbishing pre-owned phones, ReFit helps reduce electronic waste and promotes a more sustainable approach to consumer electronics.
  • Seeking value for money: ReFit’s meticulous refurbishment process ensures customers get a reliable and functional phone without sacrificing quality.

Here’s a breakdown of the potential solutions ReFit might offer:

  • Refurbished Smartphone Selection: ReFit likely procures pre-owned smartphones and meticulously categorizes them based on model, condition, and functionality. This allows customers to choose a phone that fits their needs and budget.
  • Quality Refurbishment Process: ReFit might employ a multi-step refurbishment process that includes:
    • Thorough diagnostics to identify any hardware or software issues.
    • Replacing faulty parts with genuine or high-quality replacements.
    • Data wiping to ensure complete user privacy.
    • Cosmetic refurbishing to restore the phone’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Warranty and Support: To build customer confidence, ReFit could offer a warranty on their refurbished phones. This warranty might cover any hardware or software malfunctions that occur within a specific timeframe. Additionally, they might provide after-sales support to assist customers with any questions or technical difficulties.
  • Competitive Pricing: ReFit’s pricing strategy revolves around offering significant discounts compared to the original retail price of the phone. This makes their refurbished devices a more attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.
  • Transparency and Education: ReFit could prioritize customer education. They might offer resources that explain the benefits of refurbished phones, the refurbishment process, and the quality standards they maintain.

By combining these solutions, ReFit aims to bridge the gap between affordability, sustainability, and quality in the smartphone market.

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Lesser Known Facts About ReFit

  • From Offline to Online: While ReFit initially focused on offline sales through retail stores, their pitch highlighted their plans to expand into online sales with the launch of their platform refitglobal.com. This could significantly increase their reach and customer base.
  • Big Dreams, Small Numbers: ReFit’s pitch revealed a surprising disconnect. They aimed for a ₹400 crore valuation despite having reported sales of around ₹187 crore the previous year. This significant discrepancy in valuation and actual performance raised questions among the Sharks.
  • The Battle of the Numbers: One of the key discussion points during the pitch revolved around ReFit’s financials. The Sharks expressed concern about confusion regarding basic figures like gross margin, profit, and market size. This lack of clarity on financial performance likely impacted their ability to secure a larger investment.
  • The Royalty Rumble: The negotiation included a unique twist. The Sharks offered a deal with a contingency royalty instead of a straight equity investment.
  • Shark Collaboration: While ReFit initially sought investment from a single Shark, they ultimately secured a deal with three Sharks: Anupam Mittal, Vineeta Singh, and Amit Jain. This collaboration could benefit ReFit by leveraging the expertise and networks of each investor.
  • These interesting facts paint a picture of a company with promising potential but also areas for improvement. ReFit’s focus on sustainability and affordability resonates with a growing market segment. However, addressing the concerns about financial clarity and potentially refining their valuation strategy could pave the way for even greater success.


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