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Honey Twigs Shark Tank India S3 Full Pitch Details

Full detailed information about Honey Twigs pitch in Shark Tank India Season 3. Know more about the business, founders, pitch, deals and hidden facts.
Honey Twigs Shark Tank India

Honey on-the-go: Ditch the spoon, grab a Honey Twig!

Imagine enjoying the delicious sweetness of honey anytime, anywhere, without the sticky mess. That’s the promise of Honey Twigs, a revolutionary new way to experience this ancient superfood.

Gone are the days of dripping jars and fumbling spoons. Honey Twigs are convenient, single-serving packets filled with pure, ethically sourced honey. Just twist, squeeze, and enjoy a burst of flavor in a variety of delightful options, from classic Himalayan Multiflora to unique infusions like Lemon or Vanilla.

Perfect for busy lifestyles, Honey Twigs are ideal for:

  • Lunchbox treats: Pack a guilt-free sweetness for your kids (or yourself!)
  • On-the-go energy boost: Fuel your adventures with a natural pick-me-up
  • Travel essentials: Enjoy honey without the hassle, even on planes or trains
  • Convenient sweetener: Add a touch of sweetness to tea, coffee, or yogurt

But Honey Twigs are more than just a convenient snack. They’re also committed to:

  • Sustainability: Responsibly sourced honey and 100% plastic-neutral packaging
  • Quality: Rigorous lab testing ensures purity and deliciousness
  • Innovation: Constantly exploring new flavors and formats to delight customers

So ditch the sticky struggle and join the Honey Twigs revolution! Discover the freedom and flavor of honey, reinvented for the modern world.

About The Company – Honey Twigs

Startup / Company NameHoney Twigs
IndustryHoney extracting industry
FounderJigar Mehta, Paras Fatnani, Prafull Dwidedi
Product / ServiceHoney Products
Revenue4 Crores (2022-23)

About The Pitcher

Number of PresentersThree presenters
Name of PresentersJigar Mehta, Paras Fatnani, Prafull Dwidedi
Pitchers CityDelhi, Mumbai
Pitchers StateMaharashtra

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Honey Twigs Pitch Details

Shark Tank EpisodeEpisode
Original Ask Amount₹ 75 Lakhs
Original Ask Equity3% Equity
Original Valuation 25 Crore
Offer Received1)75 Lakhs for 4% Equity (Vineeta and Aman)
2)75 Lakhs for 3% Equity (Ritesh, Peyush & Ritesh)
Final Deal Amount75 Lakhs
Total Deal Equity3% Equity
Sharks in DealRitesh, Peyush & Ritesh

Solutions Offered

Gone are the days of battling with sticky jars and messy spoons – Honey Twigs offers a convenient and innovative solution for enjoying honey anytime, anywhere. Here’s how they address the key pain points associated with traditional honey:

Mess and inconvenience: No more drips, spills, or sticky fingers! Honey Twigs are single-serve packets that allow you to easily control the portion size and dispense honey mess-free. Simply twist, squeeze, and enjoy!

Portability: Forget lugging around heavy jars. Honey Twigs are lightweight and compact, making them perfect for tossing in your lunchbox, purse, or gym bag. Enjoy honey on-the-go, whether you’re at work, traveling, or outdoors.

Variety and Flavor: Beyond the classic honey, Honey Twigs offers a range of infused flavors like Lemon, Vanilla, Turmeric, and Ginger, catering to diverse taste preferences and adding a fun twist to traditional honey.

Quality and Purity: Honey Twigs prioritizes quality by using ethically sourced honey and conducting rigorous lab testing to ensure purity and taste.

Sustainability: Committed to reducing their environmental impact, Honey Twigs uses 100% plastic-neutral packaging, making them an eco-conscious choice.

Health and Wellness: Honey is a natural sweetener with numerous health benefits, and Honey Twigs provides a convenient way to incorporate this superfood into your diet.

Convenience in Different Contexts:

  • Lunchbox treats: Pack a mess-free sweet surprise for your kids or a natural energy boost for yourself.
  • Travel essentials: Enjoy honey without the hassle, even on flights or trains.
  • Sweetener on-the-go: Add a touch of sweetness to your tea, coffee, yogurt, or even fruit salad.
  • Gifting: Share the unique and convenient experience of Honey Twigs with friends and family.

Honey Twigs goes beyond simply offering honey; they offer a solution to the challenges associated with its consumption. They provide a convenient, portable, and mess-free way to enjoy the taste, benefits, and versatility of honey, making it a perfect choice for busy individuals and health-conscious consumers alike.

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Lesser Known Facts About Honey Twigs

  • Unique Packaging: They revolutionized honey packaging with mess-free, single-serve “twigs” that dispense honey without spills or drips.
  • Diverse Flavors: Beyond classic honey, they offer unique infused flavors like Lemon, Vanilla, Turmeric, and Ginger, appealing to various taste preferences.
  • Convenience: Perfect for busy lifestyles, ideal for lunchboxes, travel, on-the-go energy boosts, and convenient sweetening.
  • Portion Control: Single-serve packaging encourages mindful consumption and prevents overindulgence.
  • Rapid Growth: Sales tripled from 2021 to 2023, showcasing strong market demand.
  • Strategic Investments: Received investment from a honey supplier, giving them control over the entire honey sourcing process.
  • Ethical Sourcing: Committed to ethically sourced honey and ensuring fair treatment for beekeepers.
  • Sustainability: Use 100% plastic-neutral packaging, minimizing their environmental footprint.
  • Global Reach: Sold in 9 countries, indicating successful international expansion.
  • Secured Investment: Despite initial hesitation, convinced all five Sharks to invest, a rare feat on the show.
  • Negotiation Skills: Demonstrated impressive negotiation skills, securing better terms than their initial offer.
  • Compelling Story: Successfully conveyed the pain points their product solves and the potential of their business.
  • Founder Passion: The young founders’ passion for honey and dedication to innovation impressed the Sharks.
  • Unique Selling Point: The innovative packaging and convenience factor set them apart from competitors.


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