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AI Kavach Shark Tank India S3 Full Pitch Details

Full detailed information about AI Kavach pitch in Shark Tank India Season 3. Know more about the business, founders, pitch, deals and hidden facts.
Ai Kavach Shark Tank India

AI Kavach emerges as a shield against the rampant online fraud plaguing India’s growing digital landscape. Founded by cybersecurity veteran Pratyusha, this AI-powered solution tackles the issue head-on, protecting individuals and businesses alike. With 70 crore active internet users and countless falling victim to scams, AI Kavach steps in as a guardian angel.

Its watchful eye scans across websites, phone calls, messages, and apps, employing its arsenal of over 40 detection features to identify potential threats. Real-time alerts warn users instantly, preventing them from engaging with fraudulent entities. This accuracy, boasting a 96% success rate, is further bolstered by continuous learning, ensuring AI Kavach stays ahead of ever-evolving cybercrime tactics.

The need for such protection is undeniable. Cybercrime costs India billions annually, highlighting the critical value AI Kavach offers. Its scalable model caters to both individuals seeking personal security and businesses safeguarding their operations, making it a versatile weapon in this digital war.

The company’s future shines bright. Securing investment on Shark Tank India from renowned figures like Aman Gupta and Peyush Bansal speaks volumes about its potential. As AI Kavach expands its user base, refines its technology, and explores B2B opportunities, it promises to empower millions of Indians and revolutionize the fight against online fraud, creating a safer and more secure digital environment for all.

About The Company – AI Kavach

Startup / Company NameAi Kavach
FounderPratyusha Vemuri Venkata
Product / ServiceSecurity services
RevenuePre Revenue

About The Pitcher

Number of PresentersOne presenter
Name of PresentersPratyusha Vemuri Venkata
Pitchers CityHyderabad, India
Pitchers StateHyderabad, India

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AI Kavach Pitch Details

Shark Tank EpisodeEpisode 5
Original Ask Amount50 Lakhs
Original Ask Equity1.25% Equity
Original Valuation 40 Crores
Offer Received1)50 Lakhs For 1.25% Equity (Aman)
2)50 Lakhs For 1.25% Equity (Peyush) + Advisory Share
Final Deal Amount1 crore
Total Deal Equity2.5% Equitry 2.5% Advisory Equity
Sharks in DealAman and Peyush

Solutions Offered

AI Kavach isn’t your average security software. It goes beyond traditional antivirus or firewalls, offering a comprehensive shield against various online threats plaguing the Indian digital landscape. Here’s a breakdown of its multi-layered defense system:

  • Website Guardian: AI Kavach scans websites you visit in real-time, analyzing over 40 critical features like SSL certificates, social media links, contact information, and return policies. If it detects suspicious patterns or red flags associated with known fraudulent websites, you’ll receive an immediate alert, preventing you from entering sensitive information or falling victim to scams.
  • Phone Call Sentinel: No more spam calls! AI Kavach identifies and flags suspicious phone numbers, similar to TrueCaller but with an added layer of AI-powered analysis. You’ll know if a call is likely fraudulent before you even answer, empowering you to avoid unwanted interactions and potential phishing attempts.
  • Message Defender: SMS scams are a common threat, and AI Kavach stands guard against them as well. It analyzes incoming messages, looking for suspicious language, links, or sender information. If it detects signs of fraud, you’ll be alerted, allowing you to avoid clicking on malicious links or sharing personal information.
  • App Watchdog: Malicious apps can be gateways to data breaches and financial losses. AI Kavach assesses the permissions requested by downloaded apps and flags any that seem excessive or unusual. This awareness empowers you to make informed decisions before granting sensitive permissions, safeguarding your data and privacy.
  • AI Kavach doesn’t just react to threats; it also educates users. The platform provides informative warnings and explanations alongside its alerts, helping you understand the nature of the detected fraud and the potential risks involved. This empowers you to make informed decisions online and develop safer digital habits.
  • Cybercriminals constantly evolve their tactics, but AI Kavach stays ahead of the curve. Its machine learning algorithms are continuously trained on vast datasets of fraudulent activities, enabling them to recognize new patterns and adapt to emerging threats. This ensures your protection remains robust even as the threat landscape changes.

AI Kavach isn’t just a product; it’s a comprehensive security ecosystem. The company plans to expand its offerings by:

  • Integrating with financial institutions: Imagine real-time fraud detection during online transactions, adding an extra layer of security for your hard-earned money.
  • Offering credit card fraud detection: Early detection of suspicious credit card activity can prevent significant financial losses.
  • Expanding to B2B solutions: Businesses can benefit from AI Kavach’s advanced protection, safeguarding their operations and customer data.

In conclusion, AI Kavach offers a multi-layered, future-proof approach to online security. By combining real-time detection, proactive education, and continuous learning, it empowers individuals and businesses to navigate the digital world with confidence and peace of mind.

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Lesser Known Facts About AI Kavach

  • Founded by cybersecurity veteran Pratyusha, driven by a personal experience with online fraud in India.
  • Aims to address the rampant cybercrime issue plaguing India’s growing digital population.
  • Multi-layered protection: Covers websites, calls, messages, and apps, offering holistic defense against various online threats.
  • Real-time alerts: Users are instantly notified of potential fraud, empowering them to make informed decisions.
  • High accuracy: Boasts a 96% success rate in fraud detection, backed by continuous learning algorithms.
  • Scalable B2B & B2C model: Caters to both individuals and businesses, making it a versatile solution.
  • Secured investment from two renowned sharks, Aman Gupta (boAt) and Peyush Bansal (Lenskart), showcasing investor confidence.
  • Passionate founder with strong expertise resonated with the sharks, highlighting the company’s potential.
  • Openness to B2B opportunities indicates adaptability and a focus on long-term growth.
  • Focus on educating users: Goes beyond just blocking threats, empowering users with knowledge for safer online behavior.
  • Future-proof approach: Plans to integrate with financial institutions and offer B2B solutions, demonstrating ambition and vision.
  • Indian context: Caters specifically to the growing Indian digital market, addressing a pressing need in the region.


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