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By: Editorial Team Date: Sept 13


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Let's revise the Sex Education season 3- before the season 4 begins

Moordale School, recovering from Season 2's turmoil, welcomes new head teacher Hope Haddon (Jemima Kirke) to restore order.

Maeve receives a brochure from Miss Sands, offering her a chance to join a gifted and talented program in America for several months.

Aimee continues to grapple with anxiety regarding physical intimacy.

 Moordale faces a grim fate as investors are in the process of selling the school to developers, with closure looming at the end of the term.

Devastation strikes the entire school community as they learn of the impending closure, leaving everyone shattered.

Jean, Otis's mother, gives birth to a son named Joy, but a shocking revelation hints that Jakob might not be Joy's biological father.

Maeve and Otis finally begin to navigate their romantic relationship, but their dreams of a simple happily-ever-after are soon shattered when…

Maeve makes the difficult decision to leave for the United States to pursue her studies, emphasizing that her departure isn't a final goodbye but rather an "Until Later."

The season concludes with a message: "see you soon."

Anticipation builds as Season 4 is set to premiere on September 21, 2023, exclusively on Netflix #Tudum .

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