‘India’ or bharat? Here are some of the Shocking opinions of famous Indian celebrities.


“You can only change names with FEAR .. we INDIANS can change YOU and Your GOVERNMENT... with PRIDE.”

— Prakash Raj

“Just the name will change, we will not. You people keep changing the country’s name, but don’t forget that you are an Indian.”

— Jackie shroff

The actress is proud if the name gets changed. She mentioned that the name 'India' was ‘Slave name’, an identity given by the British.

— Kangana Ranaut

The prominent Indian cricketer stated that the name change is a good move since the name ‘Bharat’ has a nice ring to it.

— Sunil Gavaskar

The veteran actor used his twitter account and without giving explanation kept his opinion “Jai Bharat”.

— Amitabh bacchan

An old video of the actor is going viral, in which he too, urged to change the name from ‘India’ to ‘Bharat’.

— Pawan kalyan