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Mintree Shark Tank India S3 Full Pitch Details

Full detailed information about Mintree pitch in Shark Tank India Season 3. Know more about the business, founders, pitch, deals and hidden facts.
Mintree Shark Tank India

Mintree, a Nagpur-based startup founded by Kanika, seeks 90 lakhs for 3% equity in their innovative beauty brand. They offer premium, single-use skincare and body care products for salons, promising hygienic, standardized, and pampering experiences for customers. The unique twist?

Some products, like bath bombs, contain hidden jewelry gifts, adding a delightful surprise. So Mintree also plans to launch a direct-to-consumer line, capitalizing on brand recognition and growing demand for natural, vegan products.

About The Company – Mintree

Startup / Company NameMintree
IndustryBeauty and Cosmetics
FounderKanika Dewanii
Product / ServiceSingle-use skincare and body care products
Started in2018
Revenue9 Crores (22-23)

About The Pitcher

Number of PresentersOne presenter
Name of PresentersKanika Dewanii
Pitchers CityNagpur
Pitchers StateMaharashtra

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Mintree Pitch Details

Shark Tank EpisodeEpisode 4
Original Ask Amount₹90 lakhs
Original Ask Equity1% Equity
Original Valuation 90 Crores
Offer Received1)90 Lakhs for 2% Equity (Anupam and Vineeta)
2)90 lakhs for 1.5% Equity(Azhar and Peyush)
Final Deal Amount90 lakhs
Total Deal Equity1.5% equity
Sharks in DealAzhar and Peyush

Solutions Offered

Mintree offers a two-pronged approach to solving problems in the beauty and cosmetics industry:

1. Salon Solutions:

  • Premium, single-use skincare and body care products: These products are designed to elevate the customer experience at salons by providing hygienic, standardized, and pampering treatments. Examples include pedicure kits with scrubs, masks, massage candles, and detox tea; detox food patches; bikini masks to soothe pain after waxing or laser treatments; and jewelry-infused bath bombs.
  • Increased profitability for salons: So Mintree’s products are priced higher than traditional salon supplies, allowing salons to charge premium prices for treatments that utilize them. Additionally, the single-use format reduces waste and product shrinkage, further boosting profitability.
  • Customer loyalty and retention: The unique and pampering experience offered by So Mintree’s products can help salons attract and retain customers. The small gifts included in some products, like the jewelry in bath bombs, add a touch of delight and surprise, further enhancing customer satisfaction.

2. Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Solutions (To be launched):

  • Premium skincare and body care products: So Mintree is now launching its own line of DTC products, capitalizing on the brand recognition and positive associations built through its salon presence. These products are likely to be positioned as natural, vegan, and free of harsh chemicals, catering to a growing consumer demand for such qualities.
  • Convenience and accessibility: The DTC line will make So Mintree’s products readily available to consumers who may not have access to salons offering them. This expands the brand’s reach and potential customer base.
  • Enhanced brand image: A successful DTC launch can further solidify So Mintree’s reputation as a premium and innovative brand in the beauty and cosmetics space.

Overall, So Mintree’s solutions address several key challenges in the beauty industry:

  • Standardization and hygiene: Traditional salon treatments can vary in quality and hygiene depending on the products and techniques used. So Mintree’s single-use kits provide a consistent and hygienic experience.
  • Lack of luxury and pampering: While salons strive to offer a relaxing atmosphere, treatments often lack the luxurious touch. So Mintree’s premium products and unique offerings like jewelry-infused bath bombs elevate the experience and make it feel more special.
  • Limited accessibility of premium products: High-quality beauty products are often only available in luxury stores or salons, making them inaccessible to many consumers. So Mintree’s DTC line bridges this gap and brings its premium offerings directly to customers.

By addressing these challenges through its innovative and solution-oriented approach, Mintree has the potential to carve a niche for itself in the competitive beauty and cosmetics industry.

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Lesser Known Facts About Mintree

  • Established in 2018, Mintree already has a presence in 3000 salons across India.
  • Mintree offers single-use, premium skincare and body care products for salons, ensuring hygiene, consistency, and a pampering experience for customers.
  • The unique products address concerns like inconsistent product usage and lack of pampering in traditional salons.
  • They even add surprise elements like jewelry in bath bombs and pain-relieving masks for waxing/laser treatments, increasing customer delight and loyalty.
  • The focus on natural, vegan, and organic products positions them well in the growing D2C market for conscious consumers.
  • Kanika’s corporate experience at LVMH, L’Oreal, and Reliance gives her valuable insights into the beauty industry and retail business.
  • She secured initial capital from her parents and clearly defined personal salary goals, showcasing financial management capabilities.
  • Kanika’s determination to build a Rs. 100 crore brand and her strategic thinking impressed the sharks, contributing to the deal.


Business Profiles

Facebook Account (Official)
Instagram Profile (Official)
X Account (Formerly Twitter)
Youtube Channel


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